Kelty Polyester 2-Person Freestanding 3-Season 88 X 43 X 55 Inch Tent

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  • Made of polyester, making it very easy to transport this tent from place to place, due to its virtually weightless quality
  • Features a lightweight design, making it easy to take this tent with you on any hike
  • Accommodates a large group of campers and all their equipment designed for easy transport on backpacking trips
  • Polyester has low breathability and is prone to condensation
  • Lightweight tents are designed with delicate fabrics that can rip
  • Freestanding design requires poles which add to the overall weight
Product Description

Get ready for your next camping trip with the Kelty Polyester Freestanding 2-Person Tent. This tent is made from polyester, so it can be packed down to a small size. It is designed for three-season use, so you can take this tent with you almost any time of the year, and it will be able to handle most climates. Featuring a freestanding design, it can be assembled anywhere since you don't need to use stakes to keep it in place but it relies on the weight of the people inside to ensure that it stays steady. It includes storage pockets, so you don't have to worry about your stuff getting lost or misplaced while you are camping. It has a nylon floor, so it does not require an additional layer of protective coating as it is a synthetic, impermeable fabric. This 30.5 sq. ft. tent fits two campers, so you can have the perfect amount of space for accommodating a small group.

Product Information
Brand Kelty
Sleeping Capacity 2 people
Included Accessories Carry bag
Number of Doors 1
Tent Design Free standing
Door Style D style
Material Polyester
Floor Material Nylon
Number of Seasons 3
Storage Features Storage pockets
Floor Area 30.5 square feet