Wakeman 190T Polyester 2-Person Blue Dome 3-Season 84 X 60 X 48 Inch Tent

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  • Made of 190T polyester, making it very easy to move from place to place, due to its lightweight quality
  • Built with a lightweight frame, making it easy to carry in your backpack
  • Features an easy to transport design, giving you coverage and protection without contributing too much weight
  • Polyurethane coating is susceptible to peeling off the tent surface after limited use
  • Polyester fly cover can sag in the rain and cause dripping on the inside
  • 190T polyester is susceptible to becoming very hot in warm weather
Product Description

Looking for an affordable tent? You'll want to hear about the Wakeman 190T Polyester Dome 2-Person Tent. This Wakeman tent is constructed from 190T polyester, making it very easy to maneuver from place to place since it's very lightweight. Designed for three-season use, it can withstand downpours and moderate snow, perfect for late fall and early winter camping. With a dome design, it does not need guy ropes or stakes to remain secure in windy conditions. This Wakeman tent has fiberglass poles, giving campers a lightweight option that is 100% rust and corrosion proof.

This tent features a polyurethane coating, providing protection from anything from a slight shower to a huge thunderstorm. It features a storage pocket, so you can eliminate any clutter and have everything in its place. It is made with water-resistant materials and features sealed seams, protecting the tent from any wet weather such as rain storms and hail. It is designed to sleep two people. This Wakeman tent includes a rainfly and stakes.

Product Information
Brand Wakeman
Finish Polyurethane coating
Sleeping Capacity 2 people
Included Accessories Rainfly, stakes
Number of Doors 1
Tent Design Dome
Color Blue
Door Style D style
Material 190T polyester
Number of Seasons 3
Weather Protection Features Water-resistant, sealed seams
Storage Features Storage pocket
Tent Weight 2.2 pounds