Kodiak Canvas Ford F 100% Cotton Duck Canvas Truck Tunnel 4-Season Tent

4.5 by user reviews

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  • Made of 100% cotton duck canvas, providing a soft texture that will not easily rip
  • Features Hydra-Shield canvas, allowing water vapor to escape, minimizing condensation, humidity, and mildew
  • Includes gear pockets, providing you with a great storage unit with easy access to all of your camping essentials
  • 100% cotton duck canvas has a soft surface and won't rip easily if it gets caught on something sharp
  • Tunnel design takes longer to pitch
  • Luxury tents are not budget-friendly for beginner campers
Product Description

Use the Kodiak Canvas Ford F 100% Cotton Duck Canvas Tunnel Tent for your next epic trek for the utmost safety and comfort while spending time outdoors. This Kodiak Canvas tent features a tunnel design, which has a comfortable and spacious build. With the ability to withstand four seasons, it holds up against the weight of accumulating hail or ice. It is constructed from 100% cotton duck canvas, so you can stay safe inside if it's windy outside.

Able to be assembled on the bed of a truck, this Kodiak Canvas tent is great to take with you where ever you go. It has Hydra-Shield canvas, creating a watertight but breathable layer that resists mold and mildew. This tent has steel poles, which are highly durable and are unlikely to snap with applied pressure. It includes gear pockets, so you can store all your extra belongings in an easily accessible and convenient area.

Product Information
Brand Kodiak Canvas
Tent Design Tunnel shaped
Door Style D style
Material 100% cotton duck canvas
Durability Features Hydra-Shield
Number of Seasons 4
Storage Features Gear pockets