CORE Polyester 4-Person Green Dome Instant Setup 108 X 84 X 54 Inch Tent

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  • Made of polyester, making it very easy to transport this tent from place to place, due to its virtually weightless quality
  • Polyethylene floor does not deteriorate with prolonged water exposure
  • Features an adjustable ground vent, increasing the air circulation inside the tent
  • Instant setup tents are not recommended for extreme weather conditions
  • Polyester is prone to becoming very hot in direct sunlight
  • Dome design is unstable in larger sizes
Product Description

Looking for a tent that won't break your budget? Read on to learn about the CORE Polyester Dome 4-Person Tent. This tent features a dome design, which can tolerate windy conditions due to its stability. It is constructed from polyester, eliminating shrinkage when it gets damp, meaning you can ideally use this for years. Featuring an instant setup, it takes only a matter of seconds to pitch, even if you are a beginner camper. It has steel poles, which are highly durable and are not likely to break with applied force.

Made of polyethylene, its floor is naturally water-resistant and doesn't require an additional protective layer. This CORE tent has storage pockets and is equipped with a gear loft with a lantern hook, so you can keep everything you need by your side. It has CORE H20 Block Technology, protecting you from strong downpours and stormy weather. This CORE tent has active bead technology, protecting you from heavy rains. It includes a rainfly and stakes. This tent sleeps four campers, so you'll have plenty of space to fit your entire group.

Product Information
Brand CORE
Set Up Type Instant setup
Sleeping Capacity 4 people
Included Accessories Rainfly, stakes
Tent Design Dome
Color Green
Door Style D style
Material Polyester
Floor Material Polyethylene
Ventilation Features Adjustable ground vent, ground vent
Weather Protection Features CORE H20 Block Technology, active bead technology
Storage Features Gear loft with lantern hook, storage pockets