Stansport 4-Person Dome 3-Season 21.5 X 6 X 6 Inch Beach Tent

4.3 by user reviews

An image of Stansport 4-Person Dome 3-Season 21.5 X 6 X 6 Inch Beach Tent | Tent Guide
  • Uniquely designed for the beach, providing strong UPF protection
  • Accommodates a large group of people and all their equipment, making it fitting for camping with kids
  • Includes gear pockets, providing you with plenty of storage space to keep all essential items in one place
  • Dome design requires more poles so they're generally heavier than tunnel tents
  • 3-season tents won't resist harsh wind
  • Inexpensive tent designs are unable to withstand harsh weather
Product Description

Looking for an affordable tent? You'll want to know all about the Stansport Dome 4-Person Tent. Featuring a dome design, this tent can remain secure without guy ropes or stakes. Designed for three-season use, it can withstand downpours and moderate snow, perfect for late fall and early winter camping. It has fiberglass poles, which will keep your tent sturdy even in pretty tough weather conditions. This tent includes gear pockets, allowing you to store any equipment, so it doesn't get lost or damaged. It fits four people, providing an ample amount of room for large families.

Product Information
Brand Stansport
Sleeping Capacity 4 people
Included Accessories Rainfly
Tent Design Dome
Number of Seasons 3
Storage Features Gear pockets
Tent Weight 6 pounds