Eureka Large Waterproof Polyester Taffeta 8-Person Orange Dome 3-Season 28 X 10 X 10 Inch Tent

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  • Polyester taffeta has a more waterproof design than other tent materials, making it a reliable choice for any weather condition
  • Waterproof protection keeps your belongings safe in heavy rain
  • 8-person tents give the entire group plenty of space to spread out
  • Polyurethane coating is susceptible to peeling off the tent surface
  • Polyester taffeta is susceptible to becoming very hot in warm weather
  • PU-coated polyester floor is not as strong as silicone-coated fabric
Product Description

If you're going camping with a large group, you should consider looking at the Eureka Polyester Taffeta Dome 8-Person Tent. This Eureka tent is made from polyester taffeta, keeping you from getting wet, but also remaining dry from any rain it may have come in contact with. Featuring a dome design, it can remain upright without guy lines or stakes. It is designed for three-season use, offering campers more protection against unpleasant weather conditions than two-season tents.

This Eureka tent has fiberglass poles, giving campers a lightweight option that is 100% rust and corrosion proof. It has a PU-coated polyester floor, which is water resistant, lightweight, and flexible. This tent features a polyurethane coating, providing protection from anything from a slight shower to a massive thunderstorm. It features a waterproof treatment, giving you an excellent water defense system to protect you from strong downpours. It is designed to sleep eight people and is perfect for family camping.

Product Information
Brand Eureka
Finish Polyurethane coating
Sleeping Capacity 8 people
Number of Doors 2
Tent Design Dome
Color Orange
Material Polyester taffeta
Floor Material PU-coated polyester
Number of Seasons 3
Ventilation Features Mesh roof
Weather Protection Features Waterproof
Tent Weight 20 pounds