Mountain Trails 2-Person Dome 72 X 60 X 38 Inch Tent

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  • Polyethylene floor does not fall apart with prolonged moisture exposure
  • Built with a lightweight frame, allowing you to trek comfortably
  • Features a mesh roof, giving good protection from insects while letting in lots of outside air
  • Lightweight frame is susceptible to tearing due to the thin fabric
  • Mesh roof may not be suitable for cold weather
  • Dome design is not very comfortable for walking around inside
Product Description

If you're looking for a tent on a budget, you'll want to know about the Mountain Trails Dome 2-Person Tent. This Mountain Trails tent has a dome design, resisting strong winds and even greater hazards like falling tree branches. It has fiberglass poles, which are made of lightweight materials and will not corrode. It features a polyethylene floor and has a mud mat, so you can rest on a dry surface. This 30 sq. ft. tent fits two people, so you can have the perfect amount of space for accommodating a small group.

Product Information
Brand Mountain Trails
Sleeping Capacity 2 people
Tent Design Dome
Door Style D style
Floor Material Polyethylene
Ventilation Features Mesh roof, mesh windows
Floor Area 30 square feet