Kelty Large Poly-Cotton Canvas 6-Person Freestanding 3-Season 84 X 120 X 120 Inch Tent

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  • Made of poly-cotton canvas, offering outstanding breathability which will keep the tent cool and comfortable
  • Noiseless zipper allows you to quietly open and close the tent
  • Features an easy setup for smoother assembly
  • Poly-cotton canvas requires more regular maintenance
  • Polyester floor has a limited lifespan compared to other fabrics
  • Freestanding design requires poles to provide structure
Product Description

If you're going camping with a lot of people, you should take a look at the Kelty Poly-Cotton Canvas Freestanding 6-Person Tent. Featuring a freestanding design, this Kelty tent can be assembled anywhere since you don't need to use stakes to keep it in place but it relies on the weight of the campers inside to ensure that it stays steady. It is designed for three seasons of the year, so you can take this tent with you almost any time of the year, and it will be able to handle most weather conditions. It is constructed from poly-cotton canvas, providing maximum breathability and reduced condensation.

This tent has aluminum and steel poles, which will remain in good condition even after long-term use. It includes storage pockets, so you can keep all your extra equipment in an easily accessible and convenient place. This Kelty tent features a polyester floor, which is water-resistant. It has taped floor seams, protecting you from heavy downpours and stormy weather. It is designed to accommodate six people.

Product Information
Brand Kelty
Sleeping Capacity 6 people
Number of Doors 3
Tent Design Free standing
Material Poly-cotton canvas
Floor Material Polyester
Number of Seasons 3
Ventilation Features Mesh door, flysheet vents
Weather Protection Features Taped floor seams
Storage Features Storage pockets
Floor Area 100 square feet