Nemo Waterproof 2-Person Dome 20 X 10 X 6 Inch Tent

3.4 by user reviews

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  • Features an ultralight design, keeping your pack weight down
  • Features a back vent, increasing the air circulation inside the tent
  • Waterproof protection keeps your tent safe in wet conditions
  • Dome design is heavier than tunnel tents
  • 2-person tents don't have a lot of extra space for gear
  • Ultralight tents can warp in high winds
Product Description

With the Nemo Dome 2-Person Tent, you can plan a great weekend away. This Nemo tent has a dome design, retaining its shape, even in windy areas. It has aluminum poles, which are highly durable and are not likely to snap with applied pressure. This Nemo tent has a PU nylon floor, which is naturally water-resistant, so it doesn't need an additional layer of protective coating. It features a gear loft, helping you save space with an elevated storage unit to keep personal items out of the way. This Nemo tent is designed with waterproof materials and has sealed seams, keeping water out and your things inside dry. This 28 sq. ft. tent sleeps two people, making it great for spacious solo camping or for going with a few friends.

Product Information
Brand Nemo
Sleeping Capacity 2 people
Tent Design Dome
Floor Material PU nylon
Inner Tent Material PU nylon
Ventilation Features Back vent
Weather Protection Features Waterproof, sealed seams
Storage Features Gear loft
Floor Area 28 square feet