High Peak Outdoors 3-Person Dome 4-Season 24 X 8 X 6 Inch Tent

3.0 by user reviews

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  • Fits a large group of people and all their equipment, making it perfect for spacious solo camping or for going with a few friends
  • Includes interior pockets, providing you with a lot of storage space to keep all essential items in one place
  • Dome design is built to handle strong winds
  • 3-person tents are not spacious enough for accommodating large equipment, plus campers
  • Dome design is unstable in larger sizes
Product Description

We've organized the important things to look for when buying the High Peak Outdoors Dome 3-Person Tent. With a dome design, this tent can remain secure in windy conditions without guy lines or stakes. Perfect for winter camping, it can be used anytime of year in rain, snow, or shine. It includes interior pockets, allowing you to store any gear so it doesn't get lost or damaged. This tent is designed to accommodate three people.

Product Information
Brand High Peak Outdoors
Sleeping Capacity 3 people
Tent Design Dome
Number of Seasons 4
Storage Features Interior pockets
Tent Weight 9.11 pounds
Height 4.4 feet