Chinook 2-Person Dome 3-Season 16.8 X 6 X 5.7 Inch Tent

4.3 by user reviews

An image of Chinook 2-Person Dome 3-Season 16.8 X 6 X 5.7 Inch Tent | Tent Guide
  • Features an ultralight design, making your gear weight feel manageable
  • Features an easy setup, saving you construction time so you can get straight to the outdoors
  • Features a large door, allowing in fresh air from outside
  • Dome design doesn't have as much headroom as cabin tents
  • 3-season tents won't resist heavy snow
  • 2-person tents don't have a lot of extra space for gear
Product Description

Let's review the Chinook Dome 2-Person Tent, a popular choice among online shoppers. With the ability to withstand three seasons, this tent keeps you protected when it's rainy or windy, ideal for summer, fall, and spring weather conditions. Featuring a dome design, it doesn't require guy lines or stakes to remain upright. It has fiberglass poles, which are made of lightweight materials and are 100% rust and corrosion proof. This Chinook tent has a gear loft, so you will not need to spend time in the morning looking for your glasses or phone. It sleeps two people, making it perfect for spacious solo camping or for going with a couple.

Product Information
Brand Chinook
Sleeping Capacity 2 people
Tent Design Dome
Durability Features Footprint
Number of Seasons 3
Ventilation Features Large door, large windows
Storage Features Gear loft