Ferrino Sling Waterproof 1-Person Green Bivy 86.6 X 31.5 X 25.6 Inch Tent

4.0 by user reviews

An image of Ferrino Sling Waterproof 1-Person Green Bivy 86.6 X 31.5 X 25.6 Inch Tent | Tent Guide
  • Features an ultralight design, making it easier to carry on any hike
  • Features an easy setup, making it extremely convenient to pitch, especially in windy or rainy weather
  • Waterproof protection prevents your personal items inside from getting wet
  • Polyurethane coating will be affected by UV exposure and break down over time
  • Polyester fly cover can sag in the rain and cause dripping on the inside
  • 1-person tents don't offer a lot of additional space to store all your gear
Product Description

Pitch your tent on any terrain with the Ferrino Sling Bivy 1-Person Tent. Featuring a bivy design, this tent weighs relatively nothing, so you can take it with you on any hike. It has a polyester floor, which is water-resistant. This Ferrino tent includes storage pockets, so you can more easily organize and find your things. With a polyurethane coating, it protects against water damage. It is built with waterproof materials to help ensure that water doesn't seep into your tent. This tent is able to accommodate one person.

Product Information
Brand Ferrino
Finish Polyurethane coating
Sleeping Capacity 1 person
Included Accessories Mosquito net
Tent Design Bivy
Color Green
Floor Material Polyester
Weather Protection Features Waterproof
Storage Features Storage pockets