Chinook Large 8-Person Dome 3-Season 31 X 12 X 12 Inch Tent

3.7 by user reviews

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  • Features an easy setup, making it convenient to assemble
  • No-See-Um mesh panels promote fresh airflow
  • Features a large door, allowing in lots of breeze
  • 8-person tents are bulky and heavy
  • Dome design is not very comfortable for walking around inside
  • 3-season tents are not designed for snowy conditions
Product Description

If you're going camping with a large group, you should take a look at the Chinook Dome 8-Person Tent. This Chinook tent is designed for three-season use, containing more mesh than 2-season tents, making them much more breathable and lightweight. Featuring a dome design, it can remain secure in windy conditions without guy lines or stakes. It has fiberglass poles, which are a cheaper alternative to aluminum poles and are 100% rust and corrosion proof. This tent comes with a nylon floor, which doesn't need protective coating because it's a synthetic, impermeable material. This 140 sq. ft. tent fits eight people for accommodating large group camping outings.

Product Information
Brand Chinook
Sleeping Capacity 8 people
Number of Doors 4
Tent Design Dome
Number of Rooms 2
Floor Material Nylon
Number of Seasons 3
Ventilation Features No-See-Um mesh panels, large door
Floor Area 140 square feet