SnugPak 3-Person Orange Dome 135 X 3 X 93 Inch Tent

3.0 by user reviews

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  • Features a bathtub floor, preventing pooled water or rain from seeping in from the wet ground outside
  • Footprint layer helps prevent damage, rips and tears to the underside of your tent from sticks or gravel on the campsite
  • Accommodates a large group of people and all their gear, making it great for spacious solo camping or for going with a few friends
  • 3-person tents don't offer a lot of space for gear and equipment
  • Dome design is not roomy enough to walk comfortably inside
  • Bathtub floor adds more weight to the tent
Product Description

Get ready for your upcoming outdoor adventure with the SnugPak Dome 3-Person Tent. With a dome design, this tent does not require guy ropes or stakes to remain sturdy in windy conditions. The floor has a bathtub design, adding a protective layer between the damp ground and your tent floor. This tent is designed to fit three people.

Product Information
Brand SnugPak
Sleeping Capacity 3 people
Included Accessories Mosquito net
Tent Design Dome
Color Orange
Durability Features Footprint