Geertop Waterproof Nylon 2-Person Orange Dome 4-Season 83 X 49 X 43 Inch Tent

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  • Made of nylon, making it naturally resistant to water
  • Features an easy setup, going up faster than a typical tent
  • Features a lightweight design, putting less weight on your back while trekking
  • Silicone finish will need at least two coatings to be most effective
  • Polyester fly cover can sag in the rain and cause dripping on the inside
  • Nylon has low breathability and is prone to condensation
Product Description

We've outlined the key things to look for when buying the Geertop Nylon Dome 2-Person Tent. This Geertop tent is made from nylon, preventing the likelihood of tears and rips. With a dome design, it can remain secure in windy conditions without guy ropes or stakes. It is designed for winter camping, coming with sturdier poles and heavier fabric that will be able to handle extreme winds and cold weather conditions.

This Geertop tent has aluminum poles, which can support large amounts of weight and are unlikely to snap with applied force. It has reflective ropes, so you can easily set up your tent at night and can also spot it from far away. This tent has a PU nylon floor, which is naturally water-resistant, so it doesn't require an additional layer of protective coating. This Geertop tent is coated with silicone, creating a waterproof reinforced fabric with better resistance and tear strength. It has storage pockets, so you can easily keep track of all your things. This Geertop tent includes sealed seams and has a waterproof treatment, keeping water out and your things inside dry. It fits two people, making it perfect for spacious solo camping or for going with a few friends. This tent includes a carry bag and tent pegs.

Product Information
Brand Geertop
Lighting Features Reflective ropes
Finish Silicone
Sleeping Capacity 2 people
Included Accessories Carry bag, tent pegs
Tent Design Dome
Color Orange
Material Nylon
Floor Material PU nylon
Durability Features Footprint, waterproof
Number of Seasons 4
Weather Protection Features Waterproof, sealed seams
Storage Features Storage pockets
Tent Weight 4 pounds